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ABOUT US - Raghouse Vintage Clothing

About Raghouse
Fun, Innovative, Creative, Fast-Paced, Professional, Results Oriented, Environmentally Conscious: As the premier supplier of wholesale vintage and gently used modern clothing, Raghouse is a futuristic company in a vintage world. With a flair for fashion and an ultra modern facility we are able to consistently get the best quality wholesale used clothes to you at a fantastic price. With over 19 years of used clothing experience and a passion for serving customers, raghouse is a well-established industry veteran. We receive over 160,000 lbs of clothing every day! Now, that's a lot to choose from! Each item is handpicked, sorted and sorted again by our incredibly experienced, efficient and talented sort team in our state of the art 35,000 sq ft warehouse facility located in Phoenix Arizona. Our employees are the best in the industry, with years working together, continuous training and a company focus on continuity; they run like a well-oiled machine. With exceptional employee retention, some of whom have been with the company since its inception, Raghouse has the A team for sure.

A consistent quality supply, fast shipping and friendly service are things you can take for granted when buying from, it's the way we run our business.
Tiedemann Globe
Raghouse is proud to be part of family owned and operated Tiedemann Globe, with three locations and over 250 employees. Tony Tiedemann, the company founder and CEO, and Tiedemann Globe were green before being green was cool. Setting standards in recycling and energy efficiency that are unprecedented in almost any industry. Besides recycling and exporting used clothing overseas, Tiedemann Globe uses propane-powered forklifts and trucks, two natural gas vehicles, recycled cardboard, metal and aluminum. With each decision we make, our aim is to reduce the carbon footprint, focus on the common good, with social concern about climate change and other sustainability issues at the forefront.

You can feel good about doing business with Raghouse and Tiedemann Globe.
Not only are you doing business with a company that cares about their employees, their customers and the environment, you are doing business with a company that has the coolest, latest and hottest vintage and used modern clothing in the industry. With the option to buy bulk or bid on auction items, there really is no reason to shop anywhere else!
Tony Tiedemann

On behalf of the Tiedemann family and all the employees here at Tiedemann Globe; Thanks for Your Business.